A timeline of events in Phase Edge.

21st CenturyEdit

2034: World population reaches 10 billion.

2063: Commerical fusion becomes possible.

2064: Antimatter can now be produced in weaponisable quantities. The Oil Age ends; the USA and the Middle East suffer great turmoil. Canada and the USA merge.

2067: The UK, France, Portugal, and the Benelux countries merge. An offer of union is proposed to North America.

2068: Atlantica unifies.

2078: World War Three occurs in South Asia and the Middle East. Total destruction of China, India, and many other countries follows; major global economic problems and tens of millions of refugees entering the borders of nearby countries. World population falls to eight billion.

2081: Armstrong City founded by Atlantica on the Moon.

2087: A new Soviet Union is declared, covering all the former SSRs. A major military campaign follows that captures Eastern Europe; underhand dealing between the superpowers means that resistance is halfhearted at best.

2090: Remaining free European states unify to resist annexation. Alliance of Free Europe formed.

22nd CenturyEdit

2101: Taneya Kozmin and Shura Kharkov become the first female and male human on Mars. Beginnings of Mars spaceport set up.

2112: Australasia unifies.

2120: Ice melting in Antarctica has resulted in a large ice-free plain to the west of the continent. Surveys reveal rich mineral deposits.

2142: In August, the Neotropican League is founded as a response to Falklands War II, particularly to prevent Atlantica from gaining a foothold in the Antarctic.

2170: Atlantica and the USSR jointly develop the Mercury solar facility for antimatter production.

2173: The signature of an FTL starship is detected in the Core Zone by the Australasian-made Galactic Observation Array. Excited astronomers announce that humanity is not alone in the universe. The USSR immediately begins constructing a starship to reach the Core Zone, fearing that Atlantica may destroy it on the Earth and seeking to ensure its survival.

2174: Atlantica begins building rival starships. It is followed by Australasia.

2177: The first Soviet starships, five Grozny-class antimatter torch ships, depart for the Core.

2178: Australasia launches its first starships, led by the Burke, towards the Core Zone. 

2180: The first starships built by the Neotropican League, Anjo and Ceu, are launched in an attempt to reach the Core Zone.

25th CenturyEdit

2475: Soviet starships arrive in the Core.

26th CenturyEdit

2513: Present day.